Images and Maps

Aerial View of the dry bed of Runaway Pond looking north; Mud or Tildy's Pond in the distance. Vt. Route 16 runs through the former lakebed.

Granite monument placed at the site of Runaway Pond as part of the celebration in 1910.

The one remaining spruce log protruding from the surface of Mud or Tildy's Pond. The flood in 1810 left a dozen trees stuck in the mud bottom of the pond.

Fine sand exposed in a bank on the north end of the former lakebed.

View of the dry lakebed looking west from VT Route 16.

View of the Barton River near the former site of Aaron Willson's mills.

Map published by S. Edwards Dwight in 1826.

Conjectural shorelines of Runaway (Long) Pond and Mud Pond in 1810.

How the watersheds meet in the area around Runaway Pond.

Pliny White, local historian, gave the main address at the 1860 celebration.

Stereo View of Runaway Pond, circa 1860.

Spencer Chamberlain (left) arriving to save the miller's wife in a production of the Bread & Puppet Theater's Runaway Pond

Mt. Katahdin seen from Chamberlain Lake, 1839.

 Interior of farmhouse at Chamberlain Farm 1879.